5% Off Calculator

Thank you for choosing to prepay for your services and save 5%.

We will contact you by e-mail in the next few days with your prepay amount.


If you would like, you may use this example to calculate your savings and payment amount:

Calculate the cost of each individual service:

  • Mowing: 30 weeks * $50/week = $1500
  • Fertilizer: $350
  • Trimming hedges: $150 (estimated)

Add the costs of all the services together:

$1,500 + $350 + $150 = $1,800

Multiply the total annual cost by 0.05 to calculate the savings amount:

$2,000* 0.05 = $100

Subtract the savings amount from the total annual cost to get your payment amount:

$2,000 – $100 = $1,900

Payment options:

  • Check
  • Bank’s online bill payment system

Important note:

This discount is not available when you prepay by credit card.

Send your payment by March 1st to:

West County Landscaping 224 Benton Street Valley Park, MO 63088

I hope this helps!


Call 314-494-8863 for assistance, we are here to help.